The days of bad parties and stressful planning are over
  • The Best Party Ever is easy to follow which will ensure a successful party.
  • Learn what the other books don't teach — how to get people to come to your party.
  • Buy the book now and become a party legend.
  • Become an expert on stocking a bar and creating party music mixes.
  • Learn tricks on how to protect your house from damage.
  • Check out the Party Tools section of this web site for complimentary shopping lists, music lists and a custom check list.
  • Join the Happy Hour Club and learn even more from party planners around the world.

Throwing a party should be a fun experience for all. You are celebrating life and friend-ships. I've put in the time and worry for your party planning so that you don't have to.

To accompany my book I've created this web site to further help with your party planning. Under the Party Tools section you will find downloadable shopping lists, liquor lists and music lists for various themes. There is also a personalized check list that contains all the tasks you will learn from the book and shows you which days I recommended doing each task. What could be simpler?

Don't forget to pick up my book. It will walk you chronologically through all the steps necessary for a successful party. You will learn how to pace your party planning over a month so it doesn't feel like work.


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