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Do you follow the recommendations in your book or do you just play it by ear? – Cody, Palm Springs

I use everything in the book to throw a party – the shopping lists, quick check list, timeline and recommendations. The music lists are straight off our computer. The book shows the way that I throw a party. Other than getting a few ideas from my friends parties and using a bartender guide for the drink menus I did not use any other references to create the book. If you follow everything in the book there should be very few surprises at the party.

In the picture of your refrigerator there are no streaks. I tried a couple products and could not get the same results. What is your secret? - John, Minnesota

The only thing I have found that gets rid of all the streaks and discolor on stainless steel is –Nevr Dull Magic Wadding Polish. Nevr Dull works magic on chrome wheels also. Here’s what I do to get my refrigerator and dish washer to look brand new:

Use a small wad of the Nevr Dull and go over the front of the fridge. You will go through a few wads of the cleaner. With a rag or paper towel wipe off the Nevr Dull. To make the steel really shine you’ll want to go over it with a liquid Stainless Steel Cleaner. The one I use is from Elco. Shake well. Then apply a small amount of cleaner to a paper towel or sponge. Since the surface is already cleaned you don’t need to rub hard. To finish the job polish the surface with a clean, dry paper towel or cloth.

The following stores carry Nevr Dull: Ace hardware, True Value, Pepboys, The Home Depot and Wall Mart.

I can’t find the mint sticks that you have pictured in your Chocolate Martini. All the ones I find are too large. What brand do you use? – Derik, Salt Lake City

The perfect mint sticks for the Chocolate martini are Hershey Ovation Mint Sticks. I’ve found these before at Bartell Drugs but haven’t seen them lately. The last box I had to purchase over the web. Get the 40 count box not the 300.

www.candydirect.com has them but they make you buy 4 boxes.

Where do you get the Carpet Mask Protection Film? I can’t find it anywhere. – Jim, Tukwila

You can send in a request to http://www.polytak.com/contactus.shtml for help finding a retail location.

Your book is exactly the same as the one I am writing. You will be receiving a letter from my lawyer shortly – Jordan, Miami

Throughout the writing of this book I had the fear that someone would release a similar book right before mine. But even if someone did I knew that there can be more than one book on the same topic. Look at how many stories there are on vampires. You can always improve on a topic. I can assure you that I did not copy your book. Except for the New York Bartenders guide I didn’t look at any other books, the internet or TV shows for ideas. I didn’t even ask my friends for input, although I did get a few ideas from going to their parties. I wanted to show what works for me. The only ideas that I put in that weren’t mine were a comment about parking and what to do when the police come, that a friend of work suggested. I also put in a comment about dusting your lamps. Someone at a party wrote the lamp comment in a draft of the book. I never could find the dusty lamp but put it in because they made me look. I did do a search on similar books on Amazon just to see what my competition was. I could only find one book that truly showed you how to throw a house party. But even that one wasted time by showing people how to do silly things like make a vase to match the theme. Each time I would find a book that I thought was about throwing parties the description showed that it was a book of recipes, or a book on how to decorate for a party. Nothing really gave the down and dirty basics for throwing a party. If your book is good keep at it. I don’t mind the competition.

Your dance lights look like they could be in a club. What do you suggest for the normal person? – Jake, Portland

I admit my roommate and his best friend have gone a little over board with the lights. So much that they can do the lighting for our friends band, 80’s Invasion. For the normal person I suggest starting small. The first time we had a dance floor at our house we borrowed a couple disco lights from our friend Alan and purchased a low end fog machine. We set the lights on the base of our fire place. The light show worked out perfect. Although we didn’t have a timer so we had to rotate the light usage by hand – they can only be on for fifteen minutes at a time. Next we bought a light stand and slowly built up to where we are today. The problem we ran into lately is the lights use more power than our circuits can handle. We had to put in a dedicated circuit to take care of this problem.

It is not legal to purchase a keg in my town. What do I do? – Mike, Salt Lake City

Move. Just kidding. Purchase a few cases of beer and tell your friends to bring the rest.

You are adamant that there should be no games at a party. What about White Elephant gifts at a holiday party? – Sue, North Carolina

One of my favorite parties I attend has a White Elephant gift giving during the party. It’s a blast. Although this only works because the party is small and consists of friends. I’m not sure if it would work at a large party.

Why do you tell people to resist the urge to clean up during the party? I like to keep my house clean. – Annette, Chicago

If you can’t let your house get dirty, a party outdoors or a dinner may be more your style. At a house party no one wants to watch the host clean. It makes people feel awkward. People should feel relaxed not questioning whether they should help you clean up. Besides, the bottles and cups lying around add to the ambiance. The more trashed the counters look the better the party is. Some people use cleaning the house as a sign that the party is over. I’m not a big fan of this. It forces drunk people out on the street. People shouldn’t feel like they have to leave a party. I personally wait until the last person leaves the next day. This doesn’t mean that you can let the garbage overflow though. You will want to empty the trash cans throughout the party. If you leave a bunch of empty bags in the bottom of the trash bins people will learn to take care of this themselves. You will also want to empty ash trays throughout the party.

You don’t spend a lot of time talking about what to do if the police show up. Why is that? – Jennifer, Phoenix

I don’t talk a lot about the police showing up because they don’t at my parties. The trick is to give your neighbors sufficient warning and to invite them. That way no one calls the police. If the police do show up don’t invite them in. But be as polite and helpful as possible. It should be all, yes sir and no sir. They are there to quiet the party down not force a bunch of drunk people to drive.

You don’t talk about fights. What do you do when a fight breaks out? – David, Washington DC

A party should not have rules but I do have one – there is no fighting or arguing at my parties. I have no idea what to do if one breaks out. It never happens at our parties. Maybe people could send in their suggestions and I’ll post them here.

Can I hire you to plan a party? - Jane, Austin

For now I think I’ll stick to just teaching people how to throw parties themselves. Besides if you follow my book closely you will get all the steps I would take.

Do you really recycle or are you just trying to look good? – Marc, Sea-Tac

I can’t imagine not recycling. Not just because it is good for the planet but because almost ninety percent of the party garbage is recycling. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t.

How come you don’t use a party web site to organize the invites? – Jan, Orlando

In theory the party web sites are a good idea but I think they are very impersonal, plus it makes it too easy to say no to a party. Every time I receive an email from a party web site I groan. Also once the party is over I’ve never seen a thank you from a party web site.

What is the story behind the people dressed like angels in the back of your book? – Patty, Tacoma

My roommate and I moved to a quiet neighborhood a few years back. Because of this we cut our parties down to one – our annual Holiday Party. The main reason is the cold weather keeps people inside. One year my roommates’ best friend Clint and our good friend Vicki came up with the ideas to be angels. They stashed the outfits up in our guest room. They also talked our friend John into dressing up as Santa. A few minutes after starting the dance music they went up and changed. It was one of the best party moments when they walked into the room. I couldn’t stop laughing when I noticed it was John in the costume. That same night our friend Terrice was out on the dance floor when she started screaming, “Best party ever!” She had no idea that was the title of my book. I just stood there and soaked it in.

Why is the section for the actual party so small – Denis, Ontario

I am so glad someone asked this. The reason there are only fifteen pages dedicated to the actual party is that the majority of the work in throwing a party is the planning. If you plan sufficiently the party will take on a life of its own and most things will be taken care of. You shouldn’t need to control a party or play games. The people are what make it a party. It’s all about talking with old friends, meeting new people and dancing.